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What Our Clients Say

“No one really talks about or acknowledges domestic violence in upper socio-economic demographics, but the impact is just as real and, in some ways, even harder to overcome. The Crisis Center and its supporters helped me tremendously, but more importantly my son has improved as a result of the resources at the Crisis Center. It is one of the few places my challenges have been understood and supported because domestic violence usually only ends once someone dies.”

– Crisis Center Client

“Because of the Crisis Center, I am living on my own in a house with my two kids and feel stronger than I have in a long time and even in my weakest moments, I know I can breakdown any barrier that comes up next, because I am stronger than any obstacle that is put in front of me!”

– Crisis Center Client

“I have had a life time of abusive relationships and I always blamed myself. The Crisis Center helped me to understand the cycle of abuse and helped me to understand it wasn’t my fault.”

– Crisis Center Client

“I came here not knowing I was in an abusive situation, even though I knew something was wrong.  My ex is very cruel and has put me through almost everything imaginable.  It was nice to have a place where you could gather knowledge and strength to face your fears.  I did face my fears and surprised myself that I could live through them when I did not think I could!”

– Crisis Center Client
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