“EMDR quickly opens new windows on reality, allowing people to see solutions within themselves that they never knew were there.  And it’s a therapy where the client is very much in charge, which can be particularly meaningful when people are recovering from having their power taken away by abuse and violation.” 
~Laura S. Brown, Ph.D.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an innovative clinical treatment that has helped over a million trauma survivors.  With EMDR therapy it is unnecessary to delve into decades-old psychological material, but rather, by activating the information processing system of the brain, people can achieve their therapeutic goals at a rapid rate, with recognizable changes that don’t weaken or disappear over time.

Many studies have been done on the efficacy of EMDR, making it one of the most thoroughly researched methods ever used in the treatment of trauma.  The most recent studies have found that 84-90% of clients receiving EMDR no longer had post-traumatic stress disorder after only three sessions.  Another study underwritten by Kaiser-Permanente found that EMDR was twice as effective in half the time when compared to standard treatment.  With results like these, EMDR can be a very effective form of treatment used for individuals who have witnessed or have been a victim of domestic violence.

The Crisis Center offers EMDR therapy to adult and child survivors of domestic violence.  The therapist assists the client in identifying traumatic images or situations and uses the technique to desensitize those images, replacing them with more logical thinking about the situation.  This helps the client identify positive beliefs about them selves such as “I have power,” “I am safe,” and “I am a good person.”  Clients are empowered to recognize their strengths and reclaim a positive self-image that so often has been destroyed by the perpetrator of domestic violence.  EMDR is an example of Crisis Center’s commitment to providing cutting edge therapy to our clients to help them heal, grow and overcome trauma.

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