Adult and Child Therapy


Innovative Therapeutic and Group Programs at the Crisis Center

Our clinical team is trained in a variety of therapies to assist adults and children improve their emotional and mental health, better manage the effects of violence and abuse, and develop skills for the future. Programs include:

Adult Process Groups 
Support groups for adult victims of domestic violence (separate groups for male and female victims) allow group members to support one another while discussing how domestic violence has impacted their lives.

Adult Psycho-Educational Groups 
Weekly groups are offered by Crisis Center therapists to adult clients to provide information about the following topics: essential aspects of domestic violence, the impact of trauma, stress management, parenting and how domestic violence affects children.

Art Therapy
The creative process of art-making to improve and enhance mental and emotional health by expressing oneself through art. Click here to learn more.

Body Work Groups
Research teaches us that trauma is retained in the body in various ways. Motion and activity allow the trauma to be released in a way that talking cannot. Crisis Center clinicians offer a variety of groups to address this release of trauma including: trauma-sensitive yoga groups, and Healing with Horses, a weekly group held at a ranch in Elizabeth, CO, where clients learn to complete general horse-care tasks.

Child-Centered Play Therapy
Children use play as their primary manner of communication to play or talk about the conflict he or she is experiencing internally. Click here to learn more.

Drop-in Kids Group
A weekly kids group is open to kids of all ages and offers them information about safety, communication, relationships, and healthy expression of emotion. Kids also realize they are not the only ones living in a home with violence, which empower to think and/or talk about their experience.

EMDR allows clients to recognize their strengths and reclaim a positive self-image that so often has been destroyed by the perpetrator of domestic violence. Click here to learn more.

Equine-assisted Therapy
A solution-focused treatment modality that promotes experiential growth and learning for the client by using horses to effect change. Click here to learn more.

Faith-Based Group
The Crisis Center offers a six-week faith-based support group that addresses how perpetrators of domestic violence incorrectly use Biblical scripture to maintain power and control over their partners. Click here to learn more.

Filial Therapy
The Crisis Center offers Filial Therapy to families as a way to address dysfunctional family patterns and provides the tools for families to go out into the world and be successful on their own. Click here to learn more.

Individual talk therapy 
Children over 12 and adults have the opportunity to meet individually with a Crisis Center therapist to identify healthy treatment goals and work toward healthier lives. This work often includes the improvement of communication, boundary setting and empowerment.

Parenting Beyond Consequences Parenting Paradigm
This parenting paradigm teaches parents the most effective way to intervene and maintain a connection with children who are

Sandplay therapy
Providing adult and child clients the opportunity to use a small tray filled with smooth sand to express their thoughts and feelings. Click here to learn more.


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