What’s in a Name

You might be asking why the Crisis Center changed its name.  After all, didn’t the old name (Women’s Crisis & Family Outreach Center) encapsulate our work on women’s issues around intimate partner violence and supporting the health and safety of families?  So why make this change?

First, and very simply, the old name was just too darn long.  No one could remember the full name, missing piece and parts of it and eventually resorting to whatever semblance of a name that came to mind.

The new name is simple, easily stated and still reflects our mission.  More importantly, we believe it widely opens our doors to the greater community.  For example, along with the traditional families we assist, we also serve male and transgendered victims of intimate partner violence.  The feedback we have received from these communities was that they thought twice about making the brave phone call for assistance because of our old name.  They made assumptions about our willingness to assist them and thus, may have remained in a violent, unsafe relationship or living environment.

Lastly, the new name allows us to educate our supporters, clients, and the broader community that what happens in the home, we will see in the world.  All the goodness of humanity; giving, kindness, empathy, as well as all of the ickiness has a foundation in each of our homes, where we grow up, how we are taken care of by others.  We need everyone to make this important connection and understand that the work we all do to create safe, healthy families will change the world.

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