It is strongly recommended that the Board use the portal as follows in order to have a unified and shared experience, and to manage expectations:

  1. As a group or individual, if you want to discuss any topic (that also includes supporting documentation–files), we’d recommend using the “Message” option. Users will have the option of selecting which person(s) they wish to notify on any communication in an effort to keep the larger groups inbox from becoming inundated with nonessential information. We encourage project-related communication only. Please message responsibly.
  2. As a group or individual, if a task needs to be accomplished, we’d recommend using the “to-do” and assign a specific date and person to that task in order to manage expectations.
  3. As a Chair of a committee or task force or Executive Director, if there will be a number of task associated to a certain topic or milestone (goal(s), we’d strongly recommend using the “Milestone (Goal(s)” and add subsequent  “to-do’s” to that milestone (goal(s):
    a. Create your milestone/goal(s)
    b. Create a task list that will house all subsequent tasks and link that to the milestone/goal(s)
    c. Create all needed tasks to accomplish your milestone/goal(s)
  4. As a group or individual, if there is an event or meeting we encourage you to add the information into the “calendar” and assign it to the appropriate category (CCBOD).
Tutorials (How To Videos). More will be added periodically.